So, somehow you made it to this website, what is this 7 shirt shop all about?

I wanted to challenge myself into making more designs, inspired by Andrew price’s talk at the blender conference:

One thing led to another and suddenly I had enough content to start a blog and a website… might as well use it to keep people interested and hopefully sell some shirts.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So the idea was simple, Like John Coultons “thing a week” I would design a shirt a day… yes everyday, for a year.

That’s 365 shirts… one of those ought to be good enough for people to buy.

Of course, I’m not a total marketing n00b. Meaning I’d have to do something on the one side to get those shirts printed, and on the other side to get them sold.

So a basic idea to design a shirt a day went from:

Take half a an hour a day to design a shirt.


Design a shirt a day, put it on as many shirt producing websites as possible, market the hell out of it and see what happens.

And here we are, a website to talk about designing shirts… well, and selling them, and the legalese and the bits and bobs, I’m not that far along the journey as I write this, so bear with me.

Of course I had to check if somebody hadn’t already done this. And as far as I can tell, one guy did it on Etsy at a time. The guy’s website has no pictures of his designs, and the Etsy page has been taken down. I sent an email to the gmail adress provided. But so far no response.

So I guess I’ll be the second guy on the Internet to do this. Lucky me.

The plan*:

  • 1 Shirt a day
  • Every day of the week another theme:
    • Mondays: puns
    • Tuesdays: augmented reality, or other SFX themed
    • Wednesdays: flowcharts, diagrams, stats
    • Thursdays: quotes, text and graphic design
    • Fridays: Holidays themes: easter, Christmas, Halloween…
    • Saturdays: pets, animals and other cute things
    • Sundays: zen and rest
  • 1 new shirt shop a month
  • special bundles once enough shirts have been designed
  • I accept requests, but they will be done when I get to them as I see fit
  • The website will have several types of blog articles, with one article published a week at least:
    • Business
      • What I did to get people to notice the site, how well the sales are going and so on.
    • Highlights
      • In depth review of services or situations
    • Inspiration
      • Links to websites where inspiration struck me.
    • Tools
      • The tools I used for the shirts: gimp, inkscape, indesign, Blender…
    • Shirts
      • Every shirt has a back story, or an explanation. This is also the place where I will post some of the feedback I got for the designs.

*subject to change, that is what plans are for.


To quote a hobbit: “I’m going on an adventure!”.


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