Shirt 004: Science workflow

Without further ado: The fourth shirt:

Ain’t it a beauteh?! Ok, no of course not, this is fourth shirt, I’ll get better as I make more.


I was watching a show on youtube about science.

And wanted to make a small flowchart to explain science, and why I make a difference between science and “soft science”.  As in the amount of predictability is correlating directly to what is, in my eyes, “Science Truth”. And if it can’t make a prediction, then it’s not Science.

Tools used:

It was made using Libre Office Impress.

And theeeeen?

Next shirt, figuring out how to run adds on facebook… maybe make a facebook page so people can give me feedback or suggestions… I might even open a Discort channel, that seems to be the new fangled thing the hipsters do these days.

For fun and profit!



There, now it has started, all the kinks have been worked out, my schedules have been made, I can go make me some shirts!

And if you go to the shop, my appologies for the SPOILERS. The review time for isn’t always the same, so I will try to upload designs a week in advance, and, well, SURPRISE SHIRT!

Next: mark ah ting ting!


Shirt 0001: Rule 34 Ant and Elephant

First day, FIRST SHIRT.

If you want it you can buy it here.

Ok, so lets be honest I prepared a buffer of shirts, but I will be releasing them on a daily basis.

Unfortunatly due to unknown delays like review processes at the printshops I will put the shirts in the shops as soon as I make them.

However if you want the nitty-gritty details about what a shirt actually stands for, this is the place to be.

Without further ado: the first shirt:

first shirt design
Rule 34 first shirt

Ain’t it a beauteh?! Ok, no of course not, this is the first shirt, I’ll get better as I make more.


Mondays is “pun” days. As such this is one design that was in my head for some time.

Rule 34 of the internet, see here. 

It states: “34. There is porn of it, no exceptions.”

And my mind was in the gutter, started digging, and found this illustration fitting. Of course the art has to stay tame, while also having the people in the know go “Oh hell! NO!”. I think I got it right on that part.

Tools used:

It was made using Inkscape. With my favourite font. I didn’t even use elements from somewhere else, this is a 100% made by me thing! … until it gets printed, then it will be a 100% ordered by you thing!

And theeeeen?

And now onto spamming Twitter, Facebook and the lot… oh wait, due to the amount of possible snafu’s I’m doing a soft launch. Meaning I’ll start advertising next week, when the shops etcetera look fashionable enough. Come back here in a week to get the links to Facebook and Twitter.

For fun and profit!