Shirt 004: Science workflow

Without further ado: The fourth shirt:

Ain’t it a beauteh?! Ok, no of course not, this is fourth shirt, I’ll get better as I make more.


I was watching a show on youtube about science.

And wanted to make a small flowchart to explain science, and why I make a difference between science and “soft science”.  As in the amount of predictability is correlating directly to what is, in my eyes, “Science Truth”. And if it can’t make a prediction, then it’s not Science.

Tools used:

It was made using Libre Office Impress.

And theeeeen?

Next shirt, figuring out how to run adds on facebook… maybe make a facebook page so people can give me feedback or suggestions… I might even open a Discort channel, that seems to be the new fangled thing the hipsters do these days.

For fun and profit!


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