Shirt 0002: A robot is driving you!

Second..eeeh day, second shirt.

If you want it you can buy it here.

Ok, so lets be honest I prepared a buffer of shirts, and had planned to release them daily, then wordpress didn’t automatically publish them, aaand we had the warmest weather since 1976, so I turned into a puddle.

However if you want the nitty-gritty details about what a shirt actually stands for, this is the place to be.

Without further ado: The second shirt:

Alien robot
You’re being driven by an alien robot.

Ain’t it a beauteh?! Ok, no of course not, this is the second shirt, I’ll get better as I make more.


I am trying to make it look like a robot harness with the cockpit on the chest. I’ll be refining this series as much as possible.

The end goal is a shirt that is fully print with cybernetic looking parts. But first I need to find a place capable of printing such a thing.

Tools used:

It was made using Inkscape. With my favourite font. I didn’t even use elements from somewhere else, this is a 100% made by me thing! … until it gets printed, then it will be a 100% ordered by you thing!

And theeeeen?

Looks like the Spreadshirt cms allows to align the designs as wanted, but the preview image shows the design being printed lower than intended. Oh well.

Next: Fight with wordpress until this automated publishing works.

For fun and profit!


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