Shirt 0003: Time flies!

Hah! SIKES! Third shirt.

Time flies!
Time flies!

If you want it you can buy it here.

And I have to fight wordpress to get a nice preview, avast ye!

I started my adventure a month later than I planned because of global warming… Yes I blame global warming. Blaming the weather is a time honored tradition I’ll have you know!


Without further ado: The third shirt:


Ain’t it a beauteh?! Ok, no of course not, this is third shirt, I’ll get better as I make more.


“Time flies when you’re having fun.” and “Timelord” somehow made a connection in my brain. Now of course flies would need a time machine appropriate to their shitty behavior.

The end goal is a shirt was to see if I could do some image manipulation in GIMP and still have it come out ok.

Tools used:

It was made using GIMP.  With images from open stock photo websites.

And theeeeen?

Next shirt, figuring out how to run adds on facebook… maybe make a facebook page so people can give me feedback or suggestions… I might even open a Discort channel, that seems to be the new fangled thing the hipsters do these days.

For fun and profit!


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