Shirt 6 and 7

AAAAAAAAAARGH, I am soooooooOOoooo busted!

Ok well, here are two more shirts, I guess I’ll have to get going and make MOAR shirts!

So shirt 6: Quality GEEK CYBER.

Because there is a contest on and I had this thing laying around, might as well use it! \o/



Shirt 7: Partner Geek grounded.

Then there is another one, same contest, but well, I wanted something with a chip, and I wanted something grounded with some electronics… so I thought about a pulldown circuit, on a chip, with it pulling a partner to the geek… yes well, it might not exactly work THAT way. But hey, I liked the idea so I put it on a shirt!


Both shirts are still in review, so lets cross fingers I didn’t make any “nono’s” when it comes to the designs being printable. As soon as they’re out of review I’ll put the links to the shop online.


PS: sorry for the long wait, I’ll try to make moar shirts moar often. Maybe even a newsletter so as to keep people updated.

P.P.S.: Dad, stop looking at my funneh grammar.

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